Photoshop actions and image templates About Us
In 1989 I started off my career as a wedding photographer and shot over 200 weddings with the old 645 medium format film cameras. The camera of choice for me was the Pentax 645. I loved the large negatives and the full control.

Many years later digital cameras were the rage and I began mixing digital with the film negatives. In 2002 I bought a Fuji S2 camera with its awesome skin tones and my digital journey began.

I soon needed to learn how to operate Photoshop 7 software. After a learning curve I found myself creating loads of templates and wedding albums in Photoshop.

After posting many of the templates and photos using the Photoshop actions I created, I quickly built up a following of photographers that were looking for the same style and look of templates I was creating and before I knew it I was getting many request from photographers to purchase the templates and large group business templates I had created.  By request I began creating custom templates to fit each photographers needs.

Jibz Actions was created in our Ohio home and we have kept our business in Ohio for over 20 years.
We currently have a team of skilled designers and customer service reps which offer hands on help and listen to suggestions on how to improve our products.

Please take a look around and if you have any questions there is always a representative form Jibz Actions just an email away.

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